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Rebecca Zeigler Mano
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Dear Friends, 

Twenty years ago,  having taught in rural Kenya, rural Zimbabwe and "inner city" America,  it struck me that highly-talented, economically-disadvantaged students only lacked the information and exposure to be able to access scholarships at top universities, education to reach their true potential.  From this conviction, I founded USAP.  Fast forward twenty years and more than 400 Zimbabwean students as well as others from USAP programs that have sprung up in over 12 countries over the years, have successfully gained full funding to study abroad. Working with USAP students over these two decades has been a true blessing, and has reinforced my belief that these students are the future of this country and of transformation on the African continent.  However, a big dream has continued to keep me up at night - that of opening a USAP school.

In 2016, after fifteen years of working for EducationUSA at the U.S. Embassy, I founded Education Matters, a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe that assists low-income students to access higher education opportunities. In October last year, we launched a fundraising campaign to build the USAP Community School, a two year residential A level school that will prepare USAP students for education at some of the most demanding universities in the world and instill in them a passion for applying their education to making change at home. We are pushing to open the doors to our school in January 2020. 

I'm excited to let you know that recently we have secured a $500,000 matching pledge for any money we raise in the next three months for the school. This is why I'm appealing to you today to help me raise $10000 towards this collective effort. Together, we can make sure that talented students from neglected communities in Zimbabwe are adequately prepared to make the most of life-changing education opportunities. The USAP Community School will strengthen their reading, writing and critical thinking skills, familiarize and teach them how to use ICT,  and more importantly prepare them for the journey overseas and thereafter home to apply their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the communities they come from. I hope you will be able to support me. Remember every dollar you give counts twice as we join together to build the USAP Community School.  

Thank you! - Rebecca 

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” 

- Steve Jobs



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