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USAP has been seeking out and identifying talented students in often forgotten communities across Zimbabwe for the past 20 years; and connecting them with life-changing higher education opportunities across the world. In October 2018, we started the campaign to build the USAP Community School; a unique 11th and 12th grade (A Level)school that will scale up the impact our USAP program has had and resonate across a complacent education system. With more than $600 000 raised, we have made significant  strides towards reaching our goal of raising $2.5 million for the first phase of construction. Now we have an opportunity to make a giant leap! A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has pledged $500 000 to match EVERY dollar that we are able to raise in the next four months! Will you lift us along and help us meet this most welcome challenge? We’re counting on you!

Ways you can help:

  • Make your contribution on this donation page; remember every dollar you donate becomes two! Education Matters Africa Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States (EIN 82-4727381) which means your contribution is fully tax-deductible
  • Publicize on your social network channels, spread the word to your networks and encourage them to donate! And again, EVERY dollar counts twice-over!

Here’s what your help means

In the immediate term, we will be able to start construction and finish on schedule to open for our first students in January 2020. We are currently concluding the process of purchasing land and  are raring to start construction immediately! Your help means much more than adhering to temporal schedules of cement and bricks! It means carving out an everlasting space in the geography of Zimbabwe and in the imagination of our society, where talent whatever its origin -  a forgotten and unknown rural village, a refugee camp, or a high-density township, is honored, nourished and allowed to flourish. It means building to stand for all time, a dedication to call our nation’s brightest minds again and again to the values of integrity, service and equity.

Our Track Record

Colleges where USAPers from Zimbabwe are currently attending

USAP has been assisting talented students from low income backgrounds to access world class university education since it was founded as a program of EducationUSA Zimbabwe, 20 years ago. The impetus to form USAP was the realization that there are many determined and talented, economically disadvantaged students who only lack access to information to bridge to their educational futures. Since inception, the USAP program helped over 400 Zimbabwean students access opportunities at top tier colleges in the United States, and around the world. USAPers have excelled as students, gone on to pursue post-graduate education and careers in diverse fields, and are involved in impactful initiatives in communities all across Zimbabwe, the African continent and the rest of the world. In January 2016, USAP moved to a non-profit organization, Education Matters, in order to improve the programs model. Education Matter’s first USAP cohort began studies in 2017 with over $5.8 million in scholarships. Thirty-nine students from our 2017 cohort started college in 2018 having earned over $7.7 million in scholarships, which translates to more than $93 in scholarships for every $1 in our administrative budget. 

The USAP Community School

The USAP Community School will be more than just a school. We aim to help students think beyond what their education will do for them to what it empowers them to contribute towards building society in Zimbabwe and the world. We envision a school that teaches as much through the principles by which it is run as it does through the curriculum it offers; a school that instills the values of integrity, equity and service in a country in sore need of ethical leadership. The USAP Community School will promote environmental consciousness and sustainable living, expression through the arts, and meaningful and lasting engagement in community service.

As a two year residential school, the USAP Community School will offer a new model of high school education in Zimbabwe - alongside Cambridge A Level science offerings, all students will be part of a rigorous humanities core aimed at improving their analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills as well as computer literacy and academic electives.  Each student will identify a problem they have witnessed in their society and through project-based and learning and research, will delve into the complexities of the problem and its possible solutions as a capstone project.

USAP Selection Criteria

We’re thoughtful about reaching all the corners of our country including seeking out students from Zimbabwe’s only refugee camp, Tongogara. Wherever we may find them, students are selected for the following qualities:

  • Academic excellence
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Ethos of giving to the community
  • Economic disadvantage

The USAP Community School is a project of the Education Matters Africa Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States, EIN 82-4727381 and a non-profit educational trust in the Republic of Zimbabwe, registration number: MA0000094/2016


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